Winter Solstice and Planetary Alignment


Did you get to go out last night and see the "North Star" that occurred on Winter Solstice? If not, do not fear! I have pictures! You may need to really zoom in, it was super tiny and nothing like I'd hoped for, but it was still amazing! I am grateful to be able to bring that to you here!

Now, the cars and trucks that slowed down, went around me and looked at me like I was crazy may not be as happy as I am! Even the neighbor thought the camera flash was me attempting to get his attention! (He's EMS)

With all of that said, here are a few photos of the planets just before and during the alignment! Go ahead and use code WINTER21 for 21% off your order before shipping for the next four days and Happy Holidays to all of you from Kahn's Better Health!!!

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