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16.2 pounds down!

Hey, Y'all! I took a two-day break from eating healthily. Not only was it a time to eat as much cheese as possible but a test to see how my body would react! I made a table full of yummy dishes for myself and two of the kids! Unfortunately, Emily and Angel weren't able to join us!

During the Thanksgiving holiday, I added parmesan cheese to my asparagus, made homemade mac-n-cheese, and had milk and butter in the potatoes. Everything else was vegan and "diet" friendly! I packed on a whopping 1.6 pounds in two days! It blows my mind what they say is safe to eat but isn't!

Once I finished eating Wednesday, I could feel the nerves in my arms tingling and my anxiety rising! When I rolled over to my left at bedtime, I felt a huge ball drop and pull on my stomach. The pain was enough to cause me to sleep on my right! There is nowhere and no way I would purposely choose to feel that way!

It only took a week of eating Organic, Gluten-free, and Vegan to get back to the weight I was pre-holiday! Now I've passed that spot and am on my way to a much healthier me!

Today I made a breakfast that tasted sweet and very delicious! Not only that, but it was very filling! I took a couple of tablespoons of nuts, added a heaping teaspoon of Pyure hazelnut spread, and about a quarter cup of granola, mixed it all, grabbed a banana, and chowed down! I used my favorite gluten-free, organic, vegan granola! You can find the Pyure at Amazon here:

I hope you've enjoyed reading my blog! Be sure to get your Pyure hazelnut spread and let me know if you come up with any interesting ways to eat it!

Love and Light,


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