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Ten pounds down and counting!

I am turning 52 years old in six days! After struggling with my weight for all these years, I may have finally put two and two together and come up with four!

I've lived most of my life dealing with yoyo weight and dieting. I may finally realize that stress is a MAJOR factor for me! The more I stress, the heavier I become. My mom once said that I am backward! I am thin when I'm happy and fat when I am unhappy! She was right all those years ago! It has taken me many more years to understand what that means! I do my best to let things go, be in the now, and go with the flow. My weight and health show it every single time! I will drop several pounds without even trying when I am under less stress.

Another huge factor in my weight is the age-old "you are what you eat"! I've tried to stick wit