March, the month of Aquamarine, Pisces, and Aries!

Can you believe it's almost March?! I'm not going to spend a lot of time telling you what you already know (what type of person Pisces & Aries are) but I do have a big surprise for you all! If you haven't subscribed to our YouTube channel, you might want to go ahead and do that here: Be sure to subscribe and click the Bell Icon to get notified when we are live!

I'll be working on adding the "surprise" to the website today before our Coffee Table Talk! Be on the lookout!

Most of you received an email earlier that contained a discount code for our eGift Cards! Be sure to purchase gift cards using that code and stack your savings when you checkout on the website!

This lucky month, we will save another 7% with code LUCK21 Yes, it is the same code used to get 10% off your gift card! That's my way of making it easier for all of us to remember!

Love you guys!!!!



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