Fall is upon us!

I love the changing of the seasons, don't you? The weather is nice, the air is crisp, it's a great time of year! This month, in lieu of boring you with Libra and Opal or Tourmaline things, I decided to give you a little blurb on Kahn's Better Health. Here's a little something I do to run my small business a bit smoother!

One of the simplest things I do to prepare for the week ahead is "fold pizza boxes". When I was 18 years old (that sure seems like a different lifetime now) I worked for Domino's Pizza in Kitty Hawk North Carolina. It really wasn't a bad gig back then! Since I was so young, I was hired to work inside. One of my duties was folding boxes to prepare for the shifts pizza orders! I really didn't enjoy that part much, but it wasn't long before I became a pro!

Now, I take that experience into my own business, here at Kahn's Better Health! Since we mainly ship priority, and we use a lot of small boxes! I decided to fold and tape the edges of a few boxes one day and it was such a life saver!!! That week I had a lot of small box orders! I simply walked over to my stack, grabbed one, filled it, shipped! BAM!!! Wow, who would have ever thought something so simple would be so great?! Now I try to keep a stack or three at all times! Hopefully soon, I will have the need to hire an employee just to fold boxes all day!

Be sure to add our email so we aren't sent to spam. That way you will always be first to receive our discount codes! Now through October 31st use code OCT20 to save 20% off your entire order over $120! This code is valid once per customer! Have a Spooktacular month!

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