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Day 190

I woke up today feeling the nagging arthritis pain on the right side of my back and both knees. Typically, it's just the left knee that is bothersome, but today it was both! I decided to see what improvements I could make for the pain.

While the french press was brewing my java, I tossed an egg in a non-stick skillet and popped an organic english muffin in the toaster. I grabbed a piece of swiss and a piece of cheddar to add to my breakfast sandwich. I am getting conflicting information on dairy and arthritis, so for now, I am eating cheese in the morning! Sprinkling turmeric powder on the egg as it was cooking, I reached for my supplements. Fatty fish is great for arthritis, but not for my tastebuds! I took a big fish oil with a swig of hot coffee and hoped I wouldn't taste it later! I also take a B-12, D, turmeric, and magnesium with calcium. Before I even realized it, my knee pain was almost gone, and my back felt better! Before I forget, I also had a spoon full of the elderberry syrup kit I finally put together from! I was so excited to open the directions and see a recipe for the instapot! Thanks Jason!

Have you ever eaten an olive with ranch? It sure is delicious! Close to 1 pm, my daughter said she wanted a salad for lunch. Thank goodness because that is right up my ally with the dietary changes I am making! I got out the usual, lettuce, cucumber, orange bell pepper, broccoli, carrots sticks, onion, beet sticks, cashews, a packet of salmon, olives, and homemade buttermilk ranch! If the fridge held any spinach or kale, I would have grabbed that as well!

After eating, I grabbed some oils and made up a bottle of knee pain relief using pumpkinseed, vitamin E, frankincense, and copaiba oils. I did use a few drops on each to see if I could get to the pain-free state altogether! The pain hasn't gotten bad enough to put together a pain pill just yet. Make those by adding five drops of each, frankincense, copaiba, and balsam fir essential oils in a veggie cap and swallow! Best natural pain killer I've used to date!

After lunch, I actually felt the urge to clean! I haven't felt like it in so long, and I'd hoped I wouldn't regret trying! I've been able to move the coffee table back in front of the couch, clean a few windows, wipe down a lot of my room with disinfectant wipes, and do dishes without giving into pain and giving up! In fact, I hardly feel more than a slight headache! YAY!!!

While I only saw a loss of .2 pounds this morning, I'll gladly take it! I am officially under 170 and so excited to be! Only 25 pounds to be the weight I was just four years ago when I was at a very healthy place mentally and physically!

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