Nag Champa Tibetan Incense Ropes, two for $1.00.  You will receive two individual ropes.Nag Champa is a very popular incense scent.  It has a soothing fragrance that helps relax your nerves and reduce stress. Once you are home from a stressful day, light a stick to fill up the rooms with the peaceful aroma. Also, it works as an excellent natural aphrodisiac.

A traditional form of incense in Tibet and Nepal, which is formed from incense powder blended and bound to rice paper which is then rolled and braided. Nag Champa is a scent long used for peace of mind, home and meditation practices. Approximately 3.5" long.

Burn all incense, sage, palo santo, candles, and other items in a fire safe container. Never leave items burning unattended.

Nag Champa Incense Ropes


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