Satya Mystic Yoga Incense Sticks, 15 grams, $4.50.  This incense was created to help create an atmosphere of relaxation and stress relief. These smell light and floral with the sweetness of Satya Nag Champa.


To improve any environment with the amazing aromas that these sticks provide, just light the end of the Satya Incense Stick. Once the end glows, blow out the flame and place it in one of many Incense Holders.


Each stick is about a gram and burns for 30 minutes. Satya Incense are made from mixtures of herbs, floral extracts, and oils, which are hand-rolled onto a bamboo stick.

Burn all incense, sage, palo santo, candles, and other items in a fire-safe container. Never leave items burning unattended.

Mystic Yoga Incense Sticks, $4.50


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