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UV Reactive Eudialyte, 274 grams, $275, is a complex silicate mineral that most commonly forms in granular patterns. It is usually found within coarse grained rocks and contains calcium, cerium, sodium, iron, manganese, zirconium, and yttrium. This stone ranges in color from pink and red to brown, violet, and even green; sometimes with inclusions of Black Tourmaline. It was first discovered in Greenland by F. Stromeyer in 1819 and was named after the Greek words eu dialytos meaning, “well decomposable” or “easily dissolved”. This name is in reference to its easy solubility in acids. It is also somewhat delicate with a hardness ranging from 5-5.5. The most prestigious Eudialyte comes out of Greenland, Russia, and Canada, but can also be found in Madagascar and US. This piece came from Russia. Eudialyte has a deep connection with soul relationships and can show us the purpose in each one. It shows us the soul companions of the past, revealing the reason for meeting them and their purpose in our lives (whether they are still with us in the physical realm or not). When meditating or sleeping with Eudialyte, it grants insight as to why certain soulmates may be rejecting you and whether they truly are soulmates or not. In cases where you feel an extreme attraction to someone, this stone will help you figure out whether you are destined for a sexual relationship with someone or if your soul is pulling you towards spiritual work that needs to be done. Eudialyte has developed the nickname of “The stone of the heartland” due to its connection to the energies of unconditional love and its ability to root these energies into the Earth plane through thoughts, feelings, and manifestations. Physical existence often puts a primary focus on our survival needs (food, shelter, safety) leaving emotional needs in the background and fully ignored in some cases. Eudialyte provides one with the vitality to ensure survival needs are met but also the love energy necessary to recognize and fulfill the heart’s desires. It is a stone that brings balance to physical and emotional needs so that one may live with a harmonious experience of the two. Eudialyte strongly links the heart and root together, opening the doorway to increased synchronicities that bridge the gap between what must be done and what the heart wishes to do. It is a powerful ally in bringing one’s dreams and inspirations to life.


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