Bahia Amethyst Tower/Tip $12, 4a. You get this exact one.

Bahia Amethyst Tower/Tip. Also named Elestial Amethyst Point. They are considered to have condensed energy and wisdom with tons of information stored in them. Elestial Amethyst is a gemstone that can strengthen its owner's sensitivity and mind. Amethyst brings energies of peace, healing, and calm. If you desire clarity, psychic visions, restful sleep, and vivid dreams, these elestial amethyst generators are for you. Elestial amethyst is an extremely high vibrational stone that helps you attune to the vibration of Higher Realms and the beings there. Work with elestial quartz when a change or shift is needed in your life, and when seeking a stronger connection to Spirit and the angelic realm.

Contains sharp parts. Not intended for children under 16.

Bahia Amethyst Tower


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