These "Fairy Stone Bars" were hand dug by Kahn's Better Health in Fairy Stone Park, VA. $3.00 per randomly selected piece.

Fairy Stones are Staurolite crystals (especially Staurolite pseudomorph) are found in only a few places around the world. Besides Virginia, which has the most abundance of them, they can also be found in Georgia, New Mexico, Brazil, and Switzerland. Fairy Stones come in four shapes, the Roman Cross, the St. Andrew’s cross, and the Maltese cross. The most rare and coveted fairy stone is the Maltese shape. You will also find quite a few single "brick" shaped fairy stones that do not intersect. Legend says that hundreds of years before Pocahontas father, Chief Powhatan, reigned over the land that is now Virginia, fairies dance and play around springs of water with naiads and wood nymphs. One day an elfin messenger arrived from a city far away and brought news of the death of Christ. When the fairies heard the story of the crucifixion, they wept and as their tears fell upon the ground, they crystallized to form beautiful crosses. Historic superstitions held that possessing one of these rare stones would protect its owner from illness, accidents, and even warding off a witch’s curse. Another legend says that long, long, ago fairies inhabited a certain quiet and remote region in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains. The fairies roamed freely, enjoying the beauty and serenity of that enchanted place. One day, the fairies were playing in a sunny glade when an elfin messenger arrived from a far away city bearing the sad news of Christ’s death. When they heard the terrible details of the crucifixion, they wept. As their tears fell to the earth, they crystallized into little stone crosses. Though the fairies have long since disappeared, the little stone crosses, known as “fairy stones,” still remain as mementos in that enchanted spot. Staurolite stimulates all chakras and facilitates centering and grounding helping one to feel safe and secure in this physical reality. Staurolite has traditionally been used to raise consciousness to devic reality, enabling a sharing of wisdom with the keepers of the Earth.

Fairy Stone Bar


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